Great Examples of Weight Loss Challenge Ideas

Weight Loss Challenge

This is perhaps the most common and easiest way to organize a weight loss contest. All the participants are weighed in and their initial weight will be recorded. Each participant shall contribute some amount of money and the collected money will be put into a pot. They will set a certain period of time that they can use to do everything they can to lose weight; it can either be weekly or monthly. The winner will be determined on the next weigh in. The winner is the one who managed to lose most of his or her weight during the predetermined length of time allowed.

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Weight Loss Olympics

Weight loss contests should not only focus on timely measurement of one's weight but other factors as well. Organizing different sports that require vigorous physical exertion could also be a great idea. Basketball and volleyball could be great options, but these sports would usually require a lot of members. Playing badminton can absolutely burn many if played for at least 30 minutes or more. Sports in athletics such as marathons could also be great sports to play. The winner will be identified base on the participant's or team's performance in a specific sport.

Calorie Quiz

This contest can be done daily and it's fairly easy especially if you love working with numbers. On a daily basis, participants will count their calorie intake for a specific meal like lunch for example. Participants will go to their preferred restaurant and take a picture or video of what they have eaten for that certain meal. The person who has the highest calorie count shall refund the meal expense of the person who has the least. This will test how participants do in choosing healthy foods. It's best to eat together to really see if that person is being honest.

Temptation Food

This game aims to develop participants' resistant against temptation of eating unhealthy food. All the foods that are known to have high-calorie content and fat content and sugar content will be placed in from of them. The person who decides to eat will be eliminated in the game. For a more practical way of organizing this contest, there must be a facilitator who will challenge the participant. The food will be the bait. If that person will not take the bait, the one who challenges it will eat the temptation food instead.

Workout Challenge

This is somewhat like the weight loss Olympic contest. The only different element is that the participants will be engaged into exercise routines instead of sports. This can be played by two or more teams or it can also be played individually. There will be a set of exercise routines that has to be executed by each team. For example, participants should do 100 push-ups, 100 curl-ups, 100 squats and so on and so forth. This contest will test the endurance of the participants. Just like in sports, a good strategy is the fundamental key to win the prize.

Those are some of the weight loss contest ideas that you can perform together with the other people who also want to lose some weight in such a fun and motivating way.


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