Running for Weight Loss - The Runners Diet for Weight Loss Without Losing Performance

Starting a running program is the best approach for losing those pounds and keeping them off for good. Running sheds more weight than other training programs. Not only that, it boosts metabolism, prevents heart-related problems, lessens stress and improves fitness and over all heath status.

Nevertheless, running alone will not help you stay fit for life. You need to back up your weight loss efforts with the proper diet; otherwise, expect an endless spiral of weight gain and further setback with your fitness resolution.

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As a result, here are a few practical diet tips to get up and running for weight loss.

Eat for Performance and Weight Loss

The inner workings of weight loss are no secret. To lose weight, you need to boost activity (calorie burn), and decrease calorie intake. But this is no reason to sacrifice performance for weight loss. In fact, doing so will spell havoc on your weight loss efforts and over-all health levels.

To make sure you're eating for performance, while losing the weight, do the following:

- Use a food diary to pinpoint problem areas in your eating habits. Identifying and eliminating secret calories loader such unhealthy snacking or excess alcohol intake is key for long term weight loss-whether you're exercising or not.

- Eat around your workouts. To maximize fuel utilization and fat loss, you need to eat something at 1.5 to 2 hours prior the run, and immediately replenish your tanks afterwards. This helps you keep performance soaring while speeding up recovery.

- Eat regular meals. To keep your energy levels running high, establish a regular eating schedule - skipping meals can leave you drained, dizzy and more likely to overeat on your next meal. Aim for at least five small meals, 4-5 hours apart.

- Go Complex. Complex carbs are runners' best friend. They are the main source of energy during the run. Just make sure to opt for carbs with lower Glycemic rankings as they're better for weight loss and don't risk boosting blood sugar levels - key for regulating hunger.

- Eat protein. Not only protein will help recover faster and build muscle mass, it can also help you suppress appetite and keep hunger pangs at bay.

- Run from hunger. According to study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, runners how had finished a long run at 50-70 of their maximum cardio capacity reported lower levels of hunger. This is believed to be the result of lower levels of Ghrelin - the hormone responsible for hunger.


Here you have! Now you hold the keys to starting a weight loss running program. Only you need to do is to start taking action. I'm not a big advocate for overnight change; aiming for incremental progress is a better approach. Speed of implementation - even on a small scale - is where the rubber meets the road.

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