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Not all humans were made equal. Some are short, others are tall, there are differences in eye color, hair color and skin tones. Those are things beyond our control. That is how we were born and if we end up unhappy because of how we look, we can always point the finger at our genetic makeup.

However, there are several things that we can control to present ourselves better to the rest of the "humanverse", and get the feel-good factor and confidence that we get when we know we look good. Hairstyles, hygiene, personal grooming, and the way we dress are all factors that contribute to our looks. And of course, the one question that preys on all of our minds, how much do we weigh?

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The plethora of choices available makes it difficult to figure out which one is the best, or even if weight loss plans work at all? On a fundamental level, they do work. Each and every one of them will help you lose weight. But shouldn't the goal really be a stable and sustained weight loss?

Most people tend to notice immediate progress when they go on a plan. They find a weight loss plan, follow it, start losing weight and feeling good about themselves. Then they lose focus and a-whoops-e-daisy! The fat marches back in like a conquering hero, and lays ruin to all the hard work.

If you really are gearing up to become slimmer, it is important to make a long-term commitment to the mission. You have to go out and find the most suitable weight loss plan, your soul mate. And then you court it, and understand it. Once you find compatibility, you propose, and then you marry the weight loss plan, making it a part of the rest of your life.

Do I even need to Lose Weight?

Before you put on your armor and head out into the battlefield for a crusade against high body fat, you should stop and ask yourself a few questions first. Are you really even overweight, or not? How much weight do you need to lose? People start on this path, and sometimes, they forget to look back. They forget that staying healthy is most important, not the numbers on the weighing machine.

Why do you want to lose weight in the first place? Is it health concerns that bother you, or vanity? Is it, perhaps, a bruised ego - comments passed at work or a social gathering? It is a long and dark road that leads to a slim, healthy body. You need the right motivation to travel upon it, and overcome the obstacles on the way. Do not let other people's opinions cloud your judgment, and give up halfway, for the faint-hearted shall remain forever fat!

How Do I Go About Losing Weight?

Well, it's quite simple really. You starve yourself. No? But it will make you lose weight!

That is really not the purpose though, is it? It shouldn't be. Losing weight alone should never be the objective, because starvation will do that to you, and it is easy. No, the aim is to develop and maintain a healthy body that looks good. More importantly, a body that makes you feel good.

By now, you should have thought about why you want or need to lose weight, how much do you need to lose, and if you want to lose it at all.

Now that you're all set and motivated to begin the slim regime, let's talk about the different methods and strategies that can help you lose weight. There are basically only three ways to go: diet plans, exercise regimens or a combination of the diet and exercise.

A lot of people do not even really need a weight loss plan. All they need to do is alter a few daily habits just slightly, and they'll notice the changes they wanted coming along pretty nicely. Sometimes, our daily routines or our eating habits are the only things standing in our way.

What most people do not realize is that not only is it important to eat right, it is also essential to eat at the right time. The same theory applies to sleep as well. The ideal time to sleep is at 10:00 p.m. at night, for six hours, until 04:00 a.m. in the morning.

So make a schedule, figure out your eating and sleeping patterns, plan the rest of your day around them, and then stick to that schedule. You'll notice an almost immediate improvement in your body and in your overall health condition.

Most people, however, do need a proper weight loss plan. Just fixing their eating or sleeping habits won't bring about the changes required. Some of them are too busy, or too lazy, in their daily lives to do any exercise, and need diet-only plans. Others love eating so much; they want an exercise-only plan, so they don't have to make nutritional sacrifices. While a few others will opt for the complete health package, and ask for a healthy weight loss plan that includes both exercise and a proper diet.

Tips for a slimmer body trick

As mentioned in the previous chapter, sometimes all that's needed to lose those few, extra pounds of fat is a slight alteration to our daily habits.

The excess weight that you're trying to get rid of so desperately with complex diet and exercise programs might just be the result of habits not even based in your eating patterns.

Tips n' Tricks

1. Sleep! The importance of a good, long, comfortable sleep at the right times cannot be stressed upon enough. Lack of sleep can lead to overeating, and thus weight problems, through stimulation of appetite.

2. It's cliché, but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. It allows you to focus, and gives you the physical and mental energy for the rest of the day by stimulating your metabolism.

3. Preparation is everything. Bring out the paper and pen, and write down what you plan to eat for the week. Make a table, list the twenty-one meals and then try your best to stick to the schedule.

4. It takes approximately twenty minutes for your brain to realize that you should stop eating now. Tedious, eh? Take your time, eat slowly and chew thoroughly. There really is no hurry after all.

5. Do your own cooking. Not only does it allow you to experiment with a variety of foods and tastes, while helping you resist the urge of fattening junk food, it can also be an entirely rewarding and satisfactory experience.

6. It's the spices that bring variety to one's life. Try new ones. People find dieting hard because they often restrict themselves to bland food, like raw vegetables! Spices are not fattening. Experiment with them to add unique flavors to your cooking and make dieting more interesting for yourself.

7. This is probably the hardest tip to follow. Raid your refrigerator, take everything that might put you off your diet plan and then get rid of it. Yes, even if it means the cheese and the chocolates. Oh, and all those fuzzy drinks too!

8. Water sustains life, it nurtures life. It is life. Drink at least one glass of water before every meal to keep that appetite in check, and make sure you drink eight or more glasses of water every day.

9. Snacking is not good. Get into the habit of brushing your teeth after everything you eat, and you won't be tempted to eat as much, or as often.

10. Stay active! Find alternates to some of your chores. Walk to the supermarket for groceries instead of driving. Take the stairs to work instead of riding the elevator. Small, little changes like those can go a long way helping you lose weight, and then maintain that weight loss.

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