The Various Reasons of Weight Loss

Weight loss, is generally regarded as the reduction of the total body mass as well as volume due to the loss of adipose tissue or loss of the body fluid or body fat. In general, this term is associated with the physical or health related issues of the body. It can occur due to several factors like due to an underlying disease or it can be a result of a conscious effort in the path of improvement of a perceived or actual obese or over weight state.

It is important to remember that excessive weight reduction can be detrimental to a person's health. The Weight loss can sometimes be unintentional which may include weight reduction due to some serious illness or diseases like AIDS, cancer and many more. Some of the factors leading to unintentional slimming are as follows:

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Starvation - lack of intake of essential nutrients over a long period of time results in an extreme state of hunger ultimately leading to weight loss.
Around one third of the total weight loss cases lodged are due to the very common and fatal disease named cancer.
Sometimes individuals having AIDS suffer from excessive weight reduction.
The most common non cancerous reason for weight loss is Gastro intestinal disorders which include diarrhea, gastritis and many more GI conditions.
Congestive heart failure may also result in unexplained slimming.
Connective tissue disease as well as pulmonary diseases may also lead to loss of weight.
Some people also complain about unidentified reasons for weight loss due to the side effects of certain medications.
In the present day scenario people live hectic lives which results in stress. It is important to remember that one of the most important reasons behind weight reduction is stress. To combat stress people often practice Yoga or other form of exercises.

Slimming can also be related to the loss of the total body mass in order to improve the fitness and health, which is more precisely to change the appearance or outlook. This is generally regarded as internal weight reduction. There may also be other processes regarding slimming such as therapeutic weight loss for the individuals suffering from the state of obesity. People suffering from obesity are suggested to lose weight because obesity generally leads to certain diseases like diabetes and blood pressure. Though there is no strong evidence that being overweight will lead an individual to stroke or other kind of heart diseases.

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